【Pick UPおもろ動画】








  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ronalee より:

    At last, soenmoe who comes to the heart of it all

  2. David Seaton より:

    Now that's cold. Brrrrrrrrrr. :)

  3. Zezi より:

    nado toje canadu kupit' i v -40 vkluchit' 

  4. Zezi より:

    canada eto chto takoe ?

  5. Safishskater より:

    STEVE AOKIE! YEAH! hahaha

  6. dakota plake より:

    I thought this was a Steve aoki link

  7. Jan P. より:

    u are outside at -48C?? fuck i almost die at 0C O.O

  8. Ed Wiebe より:

    What happens when you run a sprinkler outside at -48 °C? Winnipeg can help!

  9. James O' Donoghue より:

    The computer energy people use to complain about this being a waste of
    water could be used to desalinate sea water into fresh water. So, all you
    'haters' of this 'waste' should go ahead and turn your computers off - the
    saved energy can produce an abundance of fresh water..

  10. newcaliyorkfornia より:

    I'm more amazed that people are outside in that temperature, without 5
    layers of coats.

  11. Muris Dobrnjic より:

    This is beautifull :D I want to come live in Canada..

  12. Ron Williams より:

    If all you tree hugging assclowns are so worried about wasting energy, shut
    your computer off and stop wasting energy with you fucking useless drivel 

  13. Mouskell より:

    If everyone is saying this is waste of water:
    Is rain wasting water? lol

  14. Nathan Furguson より:

    I strongly condemn this act of wasting water. Think of those people in
    Africa who do not even have enough water to drink. And here you are wasting
    water just because you have money. Wasting water like this can cause
    drought. By then you will know how precious water is. Bunch of idiots. 

  15. Noe Gorrochotegui より:

    Bitching and complaining about wasted energy while on a computer connected
    to the Web... how ironic is that? ;)