【Pick UPおもろ動画】









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    Mal eine andere Farbkombi, schön herbstlich. Die Karte gefällt mir super, wie immer mit sooooo vielen schönen Details.Gaze kauft ihr echt im Stoffladen?? Ich hab dafür einfach paar Mukerompllssen zerschnippelt ;))LG Bea

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  6. smacker1113 より:

    Dude this video is fake Kappa

  7. Epicdino2912 より:

    Water does not classify as soup 

  8. Ayuni Mustapha より:

    This video makes me go "wooowww" but then I'm like "whaaatt" 

  9. ThaThree より:

    Hey, it's Russell Brand

  10. lctm3 より:

    Is this it? NOPE.. Is this it..... NOPE..

  11. lctm3 より:

    UHF is the ONLY movie I stayed in the theater after the credits ran, To see
    it again without paying the $5 bucks...

  12. elexa roring より:

    you see the laddle handle in his sleeve

  13. MestizoFilipino より:

    Who's Alyan Kovic??

    Didn't get it till I looked at the profile image!

  14. Bob Bobby より:

    Stupid comments. Obviously he's a Sorcerer and his Apprentice is behind the

  15. amirra jackson より:

    This is so funny!!