【Pick UPおもろ動画】







  1. RagingToastNexTGen より:

    His meow sounds like a clown horn LMFAO

  2. Izabel N より:

    SO cute!

  3. Danny Koh より:

    In cat language 'l love you ' is a bird carcass or a rat's head. Kitty is

  4. diane flock より:


  5. Kelan Ritchie より:

    Cat's probably like, "Sleeping dude, you have something on your nose." 

  6. Formerly Known As Mary Kara より:

    Aw Cat has a squeek toy for a meaw! 

  7. andypandywalters より:

    Absolutely delightful ! Your cat doesn't meeow, it squeeks.....so cute !! 

  8. nell727 より:

    I would be SCARED!

  9. Kitten Mom より:

    Such a cute kitty just patiently waiting for his "daddy" to weak up.

  10. BrittleProductions より:

    Awe! I would be okay with that wake up call. 

  11. Sandy Prismatic より:

    your cat is so beautiful. My cat does the same with me almost every morning
    begging for some food.

  12. lvenature より:


  13. Marcus Zachrisson より:

    That's one loud camera

  14. WiseGuy5674 より:

    I think it's pretty obvious who feeds this guy in the morning..and who

  15. Apache Warrior より:

    lmao ... reminds me of the Big Maine Coon male we had... a talker & SO laid

  16. Crystal Espinoza より:

    What a cutie!
    Cats are one of the greatest gifts of life. 

  17. missnurseygurl より:

    So cute! I love this video. 

  18. jason24970 より:

    that's a nice cat!

  19. Miro Raitamaa より:

    If a cat, trumpet and a goose had a kitten...

  20. Shreni Raj より:

    He/she sounds like a tiny, adorable, furry trumpet.

  21. lyon laurent より:

    I had a cat who used to sit nexto to my head in the dark staring at me
    sleeping. It was creepy... 

  22. Theia Emocionada より:

    this cat is sooo cute!! he had orange fluffy hair!!!

  23. Geenine44 より:

    ..... That's my spot.....

  24. 7437Up より:

    And…for WHAT REASON exactly are there over a thousand dislikers again? Are
    we men, or are we mice? You all tell me.

  25. Zulma Villegas より:

    What an adorable cat!