【Pick UPおもろ動画】









  1. burabayfiher より:

    just cruel!

  2. Sean Ó Briain より:

    He's clearly off his tits on drugs. 

  3. ヴァリス JOMA より:


  4. Roblox Vids より:

    Bangladesh is a poor country beside india and why do you think they would
    ever see a laser. They are expensive. 

  5. Roblox Vids より:

    Yay finally a bengali video

  6. Rhiannon Vojtech より:

    I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life as I did with this.

  7. mizuguchisan より:


  8. mie chan より:

    ぴゅあな少年を騙さないであげて>< ・・でも、めちゃ笑ったw

  9. Just a Youtuber より:

    You are a mean person. This is sad.

  10. Matty Matt Matt より:

    Much funnier than a cat, but also sad.

  11. Vortexxo Living より:

    You are sooooo cruel. Distracting innocent dumb-asses.

  12. George Washington より:

    Youd think people who work in 2014 construction would have the common
    knowledge of laser pens any where in the world. 

  13. koorudokoohii より:

    This is more sad than anything.

  14. altufaltu1992 より:

    best part was at 4:25 when he tried to eat it :D

  15. carl tua より:

    he is like a cat following a laser haha

  16. CyberDame より:

    poor dude lol

  17. Logan Uva より:

    funny as hell 5stars

  18. cuteniss11 より:

    bless these guys for doing this xD!!!