【Pick UPおもろ動画】








  1. Mayanin C. より:

    Does anyone know the name of this song? Please

  2. Christina French より:

    I would love to see more

  3. cristian ramirez より:

    que lindo

  4. o0Cire0o より:

    I don't know why, but it just fills me with joy to watch this.

  5. Dawn Debris より:

    So this is where the best video of the world wide web was!

  6. Devin Stevens より:

    I love this!!! :D :D :D

  7. Rude Tube より:

    We'd love to discuss using this clip, please get in contact to have a chat:

  8. An Famous より:

    Just love this!

  9. TricePa Patrice より:

    so beautiful, :)

  10. FearMikeHawk01 より:

    Fucking awesome

  11. Mr.Animo (garde d'animaux de compagnie - petsitting) より:

    Dancing Pit Bull Trop joli!! http://bit.ly/1qr97aO #animaux #chien #dancing

  12. Eric Fitch より:

    things like this show that dogs are a lot smarter then we give them credit

  13. Melissa Griffin より:

    SO CUTE!! <3

  14. Rodolfo Arechiga より:

    This is so cool!

  15. javid haymes より:

    how wonderful.. just loved it

  16. Mackenzie Conrad より:

    Oh my gosh look at how focused he is!

  17. Daniyan Keras より:

    even dogs understand ARR's rhythm.... (y)

  18. mcpartridgeboy より:

    stop turning your pet into a circus act you fucker, let it be a dog and
    smell and be scrufy, its not a performance act for you to show off to. 

  19. Eric Potter より:

    girls got a great figure 

  20. Iva2760 より:

    Does anyone know the name of this song? This is amazing!

  21. Lei Legion より:

    Adorable Pitbull
    Dancing Pit Bull

  22. Sonia Holloway より:

    he's good but he gots nothing on the salsaing poodle

  23. Carrie H.C. より:

    This Pitty wins the Internet.. because such an awesome dancer!

    #Pitbulls #Puppys #Dogs