【Pick UPおもろ動画】









  1. 890five より:

    It get scary around 0:59

  2. Kevin Herrera より:

    Whelp. My worst cartoon night mares are now a reality.

  3. Ronin Durey より:

    Fuck that I'm never going to Brazil.

  4. MrQ000000 より:

    I dare you to jump in there

  5. Peter Bromberg より:


  6. 陳冠宇 より:

    are you frying that meat XD ?

  7. nucanuca565 より:

    Because... FOR SCIENCE!

  8. BKAllmighty より:

    Holy carp! I didn't think that was for real!

  9. Diana Todorowa より:

    ANd that's how jacuzzies are made!

  10. gabriel correa de almeida より:

    i am hungry get out of my sight hgsytqwhgdbywge ! kkkkkk

  11. Rai scobR より:

    If you get there is death

  12. Grossstadtgeflüster Noir より:

    that's cute.

  13. guerro1188 より:

    NOPE! Not playing marco polo in dat shit...

  14. Acosta Joan より:

    Sorry but this is fake first of all this are catfish not piranhas you see
    it has a long body so this is not piranhas ok

  15. Teddy xD より:


  16. Thanh Bui より:

    Watch bill's channel "piranhas feeding frenzy for proof"

  17. Thanh Bui より:

    Those are catfish you idiot get your fish facts right

  18. ZirBry15 より:

    Oh my, just imagine if you fall in there

  19. enaz alane より:

    It's Cat fish not piranhas.

  20. Katrine B. Harr Dybdahl より:

    Imagine if a little baby boy came crawling towards the water, because he
    just wanted to see the little fishies. And then, splash!