【Pick UPおもろ動画】









  1. Jonathan Jensen より:


    It looks like Pluto running in a Disney cartoon towards the end!

  2. Eliseo Villa より:

    Looks like how the animals run on cartoons.

  3. Cricriiii より:

    No, it's not.

  4. Stu Timmins より:

    Aww bless

  5. Ethan Swords より:

    I don't believe the dog likes those shoes...

  6. Namae DC より:

    some people are over-reacting to this. get a life, sad people.

  7. Namae DC より:

    that's how goofy runs. LOL

  8. S1m0ne Kirton より:

    sorry there's no thumbnail :(

  9. ShadowxRunescape より:

    i love you j.r

  10. Angii より:

    rabbit jumping at the end :P

  11. forzaitaly1 より:

    My dogs do the same thing, except for they're large Dobermans. But once
    they start pulling me on my bike, they're happy to have them one.

  12. Dance Kitty より:

    Thats so cruel!!!

  13. yuko mori より:

    poor dog...

  14. Will Goring より:

    Yes definitely. I mean what if the dog comes across this link?

  15. AkwardJellyfish より:

    @Emil J Woah bro chill out, their just dog shoes... -_-

  16. Emil J より:


  17. mariela buenvecino より:

    que pelotuda, la odio porque le hace asi al beeb

  18. cheyo perez より:

    Looks like that goofy dog

  19. Colin Hassett より:

    I feel a little bad for the dog but this is hilarious hahah

  20. Diann Solomon より:

    Made my morning... i am laughing !! Thank-YOU

  21. Gnoggin より: