【Pick UPおもろ動画】









  1. Ermac_96 より:

    1:06 is all: men I need work out

  2. TheEschwank02 より:

    that girl looks like tori black.

  3. Piper Leleux より:

    if the music was not funny inough the video was halouis!!

  4. Jay jay Jay jay より:

    That's soooooooooooooooooooo funny. There faces when she lifts it up,
    sooooooooooo funny

  5. Tomppa Pomppa より:

    gotta love ''what the hell'' faces

  6. I'm a tornado より:

    It's really creative.
    In my country it's rude to beckon people with one finger.

  7. FrankGarrett316 より:

    I love these super strength ones, the one where the girl carries those
    slabs of concrete and now this. 

  8. Sami HQ より:

    is this the most viewed JFLG gag on tube??

  9. Man Lil より:

    Genuine astonished faces.Priceless.

  10. Comedy1st より:

    This is some #Strong girl!! 

  11. Raymond Shaw より:

    That's from the show just kidding

  12. Alexa White より:

    i think 2 buckets were filled with styrophome w/ a layer of coins on top 2
    are filled w/ coins

  13. Marian Wysocki より:

    zuch kobitka kurde mol

  14. Michael Hammer より:

    that is a very good prank. bravo XD

  15. Stephen Sackey より:

    Priceless 0:51

  16. Dariusz Ciesielski より:

    Mała Pippi Langstrumpf .

  17. davetherave7 より:

    Great innocent fun and everyone seemed to be able to laugh at themselves.

  18. PickleF4rmer より:

    It would be funny if JFL did not tell the victims it was a prank and left
    them mindfucked for the rest of their lives

  19. betka andelova より:


  20. Cassie Walker より:

    Omg..good one JFL :D hahahaha

  21. max stax より:

    One of my favorite pranks.The look on those mens faces is priceless when
    the little girl picks up the buckets.

  22. Itamar Bledsoe より:

    This one is wonderful! True mastery of the art of pranking.

  23. MarkmBha より: