【Pick UPおもろ動画】











  1. Sonoske Akigawa より:

    How absurd! Animals are the coolest.

  2. Casper P. より:

    what the actual fuck

  3. Andre Vandal より:

    The discovery of this technique most probably came about after a long
    session with booze.

  4. nudnyczlek より:

    i died xD

  5. Randall Snyder, Jr. より:

    How to catch an emu!

  6. Milton Menjivar より:

    How to catch an emu!

  7. ♪~ Still (Azure) ~♪ より:

    They look so confused...

  8. ThePurpleRage より:

    I really want to meet the first quirky Aussie that tried this... and ask
    him WHY.

  9. rado9292 より:

    I love how that one emu in the background takes off. 1:38 NOPENOPENOPE and
    then comes back,

  10. ffantasia24 より:

    this is literally the weirdest and most fascinating shit ever LOL

  11. cuhleef より:

    Who would have originally thought that this would have worked?

  12. HongIce より:

    Emus are truly incredible creatures 

  13. herrgott sisterof より:

    When the dude bowed, I clapped.
    Nicely done, mate.

  14. Michał Golba より:

    How to catch Emu

  15. kyujuu22 より:

    Looks like pokemon snap to me...

  16. xharuki より:

    emus: da fuq you doing dude-- whOA NO NO NO-- da fuq?

  17. Pietro Guglielmi より:

    It looks like some magnetic phenomenon, I wonder if by airbiking the other
    way around you get all the emus to go away from you, at the point when they
    reach the other side of the world and you end up being on the same axis as

  18. Cinedragon より:

    They came to check da booty, I guess.

  19. Jennie Eriksson より:

    Next do a video about attracting emos!