【Pick UPおもろ動画】




見た目は可愛いのに( ゚Д゚)w




  1. Yetix より:

    There's a bit of R2D2 at 0:32...

  2. Maddins Spielwiese より:

    xD MADE MY DAY ^^

  3. Gehtdich Nichtsan より:

    Alien kidnapped him :-D

  4. Celeste Olliffe-Gold より:

    This is the greatest thing ever.

  5. ChaZ-E より:

    1:29 almost dubstep!

  6. Bruno Mills より:

    Is this an Australian bird? It seems to make the sounds of about another 3
    different birds

  7. DonBeck より:

    Damn... those ships are attacking with lasers!

  8. dirkdiggler404 より:

    What a vocabulary this fella has

  9. Corvus より:

    At 0:58 it's like he ran outta ammo.

  10. Dave Cole より:

    Lyrebird: Shooting lasers

  11. Nick. T より:

    It seems as if the bird has ate every single animal on earth...

  12. icedragonSg より:

    Show off

  13. matchosan より:

    Sounds like a car alarm system

  14. Albert Levesque より:

    Lyrebird: The Best Songbird Ever!

  15. Noirling より:

    I especially like when he does the monkey. You can tell he's having to do
    work to get the sounds just right.

  16. William Melchor より:

    better than most music

  17. cyklondx より:

    definitely starwars fan.

  18. Jenny Blue より:

    Lyrebird: The Best Songbird Ever!