【Pick UPおもろ動画】









  1. Nick Trow より:

    That's fucking cool!!

  2. Max User より:

    I just wanna flop on dat lava

  3. Ray Hedrick より:

    I could waste a whole shit load of time watching this stuff.

  4. Willy Florentino より:

    I will get the fuck out of there

  5. ShinXari より:

    The next commercial after ice cold Coca Cola?

  6. Daniel Dolenc より:

    Siento pena por la lata y por la coca.

  7. oBseSsIoNPC より:

    And the lava goes like: "Fuck you CocaCola!".

  8. Kian Holbrook より:

    About 1.5 soconds

  9. NIYAZ NAZAR より:

    im happy to see no one commented saying "children in africa should have
    eaten than coke can"

  10. KawaZrana より:

    That's all i want to watch, coke pissing on lava

  11. clint beastwood より:

    and it was a fine day for pepsi lovers across the 7 seas

  12. Alejand160Ruiz より:

    Ehmm... that is real lava??

  13. PufflesTheEevee より:

    How quickly would my hand burn of in the lava

  14. Herbert Smith より:

    The lava's going to have rotten teeth now

  15. Justin Hardcastle より:

    Coke cans were harmed in the making of this film.

  16. Nicolás Machado より:

    me parece mas inprecionante la lava que la lata en si

  17. Mark Brown より:

    Anyone else think the Coca Cola cans taking a piss?

  18. Edward Lockheed より:

    num num num the lava says 

  19. mmlemon236 より:

    How much did they pay you to show Coca Cola in this video? Yes i'm just