【Pick UPおもろ動画】









  1. Zerpent I より:

    This cat looks like an old grumpy upper-class man with a huge moustache.

  2. nyanyannto より:


  3. foom5 より:

    He will be funnier after a couple of beers

  4. Maureen Longthorne より:

    One of the cutest kitties I've ever seen , being treated like royalty as he
    should be.

  5. Deb Lapushinsky より:

    good job on training! It takes a lot of tenacity to train a cat!

  6. Grobian Myers より:

    Is that Cartman as a cat? :-D

  7. skylander MAX fan より:

    lol. injoy

  8. Zen Slaughter より:

    looks like a cute wilford brimley neko!

  9. adonis butt より:

    dumplins beer and cigarette all part of a nutritious lazy diet 

  10. 3forte より:

    Hot damn, that's what I call a nyazilla!

  11. さやや里保丸 より:


  12. www9311 より:

    lol 0:46 "The fuck was that?" 0:51 "The fuck is this?" 0:58 "Eh

  13. www9311 より:

    This is even funnier when I can't read the title.

  14. Mia Freiheit より:

    Sometimes I wish I were in Japan or Chiba. I LOVE

  15. Jon Veliky より:

    that cat is like "diabeetus"

  16. Tom Cat より:

    Hey, Can I have some?

  17. Life Toto より:

    persian cat relaxation is :)

  18. Elina Sibony より:

    If mr.dursley were a cat

  19. Brian Tung より:

    This cat returned from work

  20. wolfengheist より:

    Wilford Brimley Cat